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Miscellaneous Info You'll Like

The button below, "Hair Stuff PDF" is documents from school that tell you about the general hair growth table for differing parts of the body, another hair growth timetable, a little picture about the probes I have and use on clients and myself, the picture of the skin and hair to the right of here (I needed a picture to put there), a document showing a little demonstration of how ITH and IBL probes work in the follicle, and then varying skin diseases and if I can or can't treat you.

The thing I want to say about folliculitis is that I stand on the side that electrology is a cure for it, as getting rid of the excess hair in a folliculitis area will probably help stop the infection from getting into your skin. I've had it, and it sucks, and in those pictures on the front page where the damaged skin is after treatment was aggressive work on a spot that hasn't flared up since.

Anyways, I think you'll like the hair growth tables because they put out there why after a few weeks of treatment that you still feel like it isn't working, why that is.

Other small facts, with my opinion after: the basis of hair growth is blood supply and hormones (mainly androgens (testosterone, DHT)), so if you take a blood pressure medication like spironolactone and then get off it you effectively decreased and then increased your blood supply, so of course your hair will probably grow in faster, but really it's just growing in at the pace it was before you took spiro.

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