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Consultation - Free

This service is meant to learn about the process of electrolysis before testing it out for yourself with a free 15 minute appointment. This is meant to test your compatibility with the pain and whether you should take pain numbing medication or cream before coming in or if you can handle treatment.

15-minute session - $30 (as of 1/2023)

A 15 minute session can be useful to those that have finally made it to the end of their electrolysis needs or close to the end of their needs, that they only come in once a month or every few months because few hairs need to be treated. A person going through menopause may have a few vellus hairs turn terminal every few months and need them treated.

30-minute session - $50 (as of 1/2023)

A 30 minute session, like 15, might be all the time a client can reasonably handle in pain or sit in a chair, or is winding down their session lengths because they don't need too much time.

45-minute session -$60 (as of 1/2023)

Dollar/minute ratio, besides continuation hours, a 45 minute session is the cheapest you can go, but it bars access to continuation hours. The amount of hair is the determining factor for how long a person goes in a session, the second is the amount of money they can reasonably spend.
It might be better to save up for two weeks and do 2 hours the second week than go 45 minutes each week. Depends on hair amount.

60-minute session - $70 (as of 1/2023)

A 60 minute session is usually plentiful enough to get all or most unwanted hair off a client, and it is also the doorway to continuation time.

Continuation time - $45 (as of 1/2023)

Continuation hours is a price break after the first hour, to alleviate money woes to those that need more time in the chair to clear the hair they want gone. If someone has 40 hairs in the same location someone else has 140 hairs, they shouldn't necessarily be punished for wanting to remove all 140 hairs, and this is a course correction in that direction. They'll still spend more time and money every week than others, but won't be totally punished for it.
It will eventually be raised to $50, and even someday $55.
I also reserve the right to stretch a bit in these longer hours since I don't get to move as much otherwise with the same client, so these 'hours' are 58-59 minutes each (generally 59).

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