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For Gender Variant People

     Gender variant individuals are a wide swath of people that include more than the transgender community. They can be cis or trans or nb, they can be gnc, agender, etc. One could consider a crossdresser or a femboy to fit somewhere in here even as they identify as cis. It's all their choices on how they wish to identify and go about life.

     The difference between women and men when it comes to hair removal is where they are likely to be asking for hair to be removed. Lots of women look towards the face, men are either more discreet with their needs, or at least initially more private. But lots of us wish for a permanent hair removal look to make us feel more comfortable in our skin. So there's definitely no right or wrong hair to want to get rid of if you are gender variant, because it's your body and you deem what is necessary and you're already going again society's public standards of what we should be like.

     If you an individual that needs hair removed for bottom surgery, phalloplasty skin or vaginoplasty, it can be done here, several patients have started the process. When it comes to phalloplasty we need to remove all the hair on whatever skin will be used for future penis. We do this so that when they make the penis there is no internal hair in the penis. If there is internal hair it can cause urinary tract infections chronically. So let's clear that skin! Next is the genital hair on and around the penis and balls that will be turned into a vagina. Even if we did clear the hair by electrolysis most to all surgeons do a medical scrape to remove hair. This scrape isn't 100% certain to get every hair though, and that's why they want their patients to get treatment ahead of the surgery. If hair isn't removed and ends up internally in the vagina it can cause irritation and infections, and is near impossible to reach anymore, so getting treatment ahead of time is important to clearing all the hair, or at least clearing most the hair and hoping the scrape gets the rest removed.


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