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Not Safe For Work Pictures + others

In electrology we do more than face, or armpits, or legs. There are parts of the body society deems unacceptable to look at, calling it porn. Well..... I work on those parts of the body, so showing you pictures of work is kind of needed as proof of work.

Furthermore, when it comes to the genital area, a lot of trans fems/women get gcs, or trans masc/men get phalloplasty. Phallo skin is usually the arm, so not so nsfw, but you don't see many pics of work done to do it. I haven't had a trans masc person yet come to get hair clearing for eventual gcs, but I have had a lot of trans women. Here is a bit of an idea of how you might lay or work that needs to be done. New page as of August 2021, and I don't want to concentrate too hard on it right now.

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