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About Us

Rinca went to the Eau Claire Institute of Electrology in 2020 during the start of covid-19 and graduated and acquired her certification and licensing in 2020. She also obtained her waxing certification but doesn't use it. She is the only electrologist at Ricochet's Electrology until Kamella started in 2023. She plans to start a electrology school of her own when she can put all her ducks in a row, maybe end of 2023 or start of 2024.

Kamella started working with Ricochet's Electrology in the end of 2023 once she got her certification from the Eau Claire Institute of Electrology and state license. Like Rinca she also has her waxing certification, but unlike Rinca she actually uses it.

This section was recently changed in early 2024 and is being decided upon how it will be used. For now you can see Rinca's certificates and it only has the most basic of information rather than the achievements and goals that it originally had.

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