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Hair Solutions for Almost every person

Please choose to look at the pages that talk about hair for your preferred gender, and the others too if you want. There are only a few times where an electrologist would not be able to treat a client. Those reasons would be skin disorders that make one severally sensitive, medication that temporarily make one extra sensitive (like Accutane for one example), skin disorders that are infectious and should not be touched until they are treated by a doctor or by time (for example warts must be treated before coming in, or a cold sore (HSV-1 or -2) on the face or other body parts must clear up before work is done), those that have a pacemaker need a physician's note and can only receive thermolysis to avoid electrical tampering with the device and really need to make sure everything's okay before starting, those at the third trimester of pregnancy. - There are probably more reasons too, but cannot be thought of at this time.

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